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Friday 29 July 2011, a 07:28
Bankia wins 205 million euros in first half

Bankia, the bank emerged from the alliance between Caja Madrid, Bancaja and five other entities, obtained a net attributable profit of 205 million euros in the first half of the year. A result which, as explained by the group CEO, Francisco green, is not possible with the year comparacin past. Even as the executive was convinced that the body double that final outcome, cheapest runescape gold, of this exercise. In a dapsimo for markets, the bank's shares, which premiered at the park a week ago, lost by 0.68% to 3.66 euros per Title.
Verd argued that the IPO has enabled the institution an injection of capital of 3.092 million and improve their core capital to 9.9%. Without giving figures, the executive says the bank to offer a dividend in line with the, sto credits, best in the sector. In a presentation analysts dej Verd suggests that the fight against delinquency (which continue to rise throughout the industry until early 2012, said CEO) will be a priority of the bank chaired by Rodrigo Rato .
The rate of default is located in Bankia 6.35% on average, although that promoters (who monopolize the 16.5% of bank, eve isk for sale, credit) rises to 20.3%. To this end, the bank will apply especially in the progestin of the 'premorosos' or customers in difficulties will be able to stop paying, as well as the sale of assets. The entity has a coverage ratio of 27.1% which is triggered by 85% if one takes into account the guarantees and provisions Generic and substandard.
Verd assumed that the results of Bankia irnams, according go integracin completing the process of the seven boxes. A movement in the bank has already closed 476 offices (72% of predicted) and reduced its workforce by 2879 people (77% of target). The plan calls for 500 million in synergies in 2013.

Wednesday 27 July 2011, a 05:40
Cantabria, the third community less competitive in tourism

What Are the competitive advantages and disadvantages of tourism in Cantabria It is a question that answers the employers in the sector in its 2010 report. The region does not go well as stop happens to be the third community autnoma less competitive slo ahead of Extremadura and Aragon.
The greatest deficiencies are found in cntabras rail connections, the health dotacin and seasonality. On the other hand,, eve isk for sale, praises the treatment of waste, safety and adequacy of flights.
The ranking 'MoniTUR' 2010, prepared by the Alliance for Excellent Tourist Exceltur, was presented yesterday at Menndez Pelayo International University (UIMP). The report reveals that Madrid, the Basque Country and Catalua Pas are the top ranking. Supersedes madrilea community as the Basque in the previous year's balance was in the first place.
Of the 17, everquest 2 platinum, autonomous, three experienced increases (Madrid, Canary Islands and Asturias), nine remained stable and five suffered declines (Pas Basque, Balearic Islands, Murcia, Cantabria and Aragon).
The regincntabra baj a post from 2009. The list of disadvantages is missing the adequacy of railway high-end commercial vocation and institutional Tourist portal, a feature in last place.
The president of the employers that brings together 24 groups TOURIST Spanish, Sebastin, Rift Power leveling, Escarrer, consider the Tourist industry is the only one rescuer great job at that inst the Government to enhance the leadership, the coordinaciny autnomas COOPERATION between communities and private investors to meet Recovery will with possibilities of a scope to recover construcciny work on youth employment and women.
Est also in the diversification of products should TOURIST and priority policy. The list of advantages, which is not very long, containing the fiscal effort and the PROTECTION of the country.
Exceltur Vice President, Jos Luis Zoreda, reveals that 2011 est being encouraging results with an increase of the production sector of 2.2% Tourist, three times the previsin of the treasurer Spanish, although this will be tremendously previsin mixed. Points to the existence of extraordinary behavior of foreign demand.

Tuesday 19 July 2011, a 04:16
CiU argue that the EU applies the same criteria in the test estrs

CiU urge financial authorities to raise the spaniards European Union to apply the same standards of solvency of financial institutions in all passes of the Union so that when subjected to the "test estrs" are examined under the same "rules".
As indicated by the CiU deputy spokesman in Congress, Josep Llibre Snchez in a note published today on its homepage, which considers the, everquest 2 platinum, results of these tests demonstrate that "the financial system has espaol healthy and proven solvency. "
Although five states have not passed the spaniards listn's approved, "also is true that Spain has received the test to all the pas financial system, unlike other passes such as Germany, which has been limited to financial institutions that trimmed approve Saban, "said Snchez Llibre.
CiU deputy Remember that Spain is, everquest 2 platinum, the only country where financial institutions are obligated to make provisions anticclicas or "Generic provisions", which means that, on equal terms, "no espaol have suspended financial institution. "
In this regard, stresses that two Catalan entities that failed tests estrs, with the incorporation of the aforementioned provisions had passed the Generic easily pass as a Caixa Catalunya to, dc universe online gold, 4.8 5'9 and a Unnim, a 4'5 to 6'2.
"For this reason, highlights Snchez Llibre, is very important that financial institutions of the State Ministry of Economay Bank of Spain, to achieve a degree of confidence in the future, make a deep and intense work information which would reveal to the international markets the great effort of transparency, certainly the largest in the EU.

Monday 18 April 2011, a 04:45
Nuba is a good mother

The small Nuba Tuah and his mother star Carian gestures constantly. / Photo: Luis Palomeque
Zoo de Santillana del Mar in Cantabria, has hosted the birth of a cra of Sumatran orangutn est being raised by her mother, something that does not happen in Spain since 1995.
This Easter the Santillana Zoo audience can enjoy the most tender scenes, after more than 15 years, since Nuba est being raised by, diablo iii, her mother and is clinging to it all time sleeping at times but very bright and savvy about all day because she is almost four months to meet on 24 April.
The small Nuba is the daughter of Tuah, the new female arrival of the Zurich Zoo and Dahulu sister, the young male than 7 years that came with it. The birth, wow gold, of Nuba, is great news because the Orangutn of Sumatra, in serious danger of extinction, today more than ever dependent on the births that occur in captivity to ensure their future as a species.
A little history
The mother and her son arrived Santillana Zoo last autumnI sb has taken them time to get used to the change from "home." So when I was, eq2 plat, born Nuba, the day of Christmas Eve in the morning (it seems Orangutan Zoo Santillana sign for birth dates chosen because Silvestre The small nation's Eve, 2009) , the whole effort of Santillana Zoo staff went to ensure the peace and comfort of the new mother to prevent any incident that endangered the life of the baby.
All the efforts and attentions that were necessary to monitor closely the evolution during the first days of baby's life were worth it because today, with 3 months of life, Nuba is a beautiful female orangutan n est crindose Sumatran healthy and happy with a mother who, as adapted to the Zoo de Santillana, is shown calm and confident with their caregivers.
Orangutan to Bean in the Zoo de Santillana, until they arrived in Switzerland Tuah and his eldest son, Dahulu (which at the zoo called caries' The: Little Prince "), are known and all : the imposing male Budi and his two beautiful and famous and daughters, Victoria and Juliana.
With the advent of "Swiss", the Santillana Zoo orangutans are given what is now known as a modern family: two adults, male and female Budi Tuah, with respective children, from other relationships Dahulu, Victoria, Julian and Nuba, which together form a new family. Still be the most modern family when, within about 3 4 years, the young male Dahulu (which has no real family vnculo Victoria and Juliana) to become the partner of the two sisters which then allow us to enjoy a new baby in the Zoo de Santillana.
Learning model for Victoria and Juliana
So then, thanks to the birth of Nuba, the Victoria and Juliana habrn kids learned enough as a mother watching Tuah and, therefore, SABRN be good mothers to their children.
Now, interested as always in everything that happens around him, watching to see how routine monitoring of the mother with her baby. Very shortly verncmo the mother, besides milk begins to give some pureed fruit into his mouth and as all things until one begins to be Pequeo Orangutn aut nome and arreglrselas power alone, about 7 years ... All that facilitate learning and the great apes, such as evolved and upcoming things to us that are not based only on instinct to raise their children but need learning and acquire it by watching others. As when they reach reproductive age, Victoria and Juliana, the problem will not have a mother and SABRN tena take care of their babies to raise them so perfectly natural.

Monday 11 April 2011, a 05:21
Yes thanks to alcolock

introduction of alcolocks sounds positive, "said bus driver and union official Rune Eriksen.Foto: Jan Gulliksen / NRK

Can be a Member krav.Jan Gulliksen
Last riksnyheterNy explosion at Fukushima
Tuesday: Disaster in Japan

Apple baby in mid-Telemark

- Sendai is like a ghost town

Clashes in Ivory Coast

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Against, mortal gold, Arsenal comeback Lehmann

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New Secretary General of the Norwegian Ski Federation

Barcelona requires doping disclaim

Friday 01 April 2011, a 05:27
Spring Fair and the Salon of Environment and Conservation will be held from 8 to April 10

Spring Fair and Salon Environment and Nature, to be held from 8 to April 10, expects to have 40,000 visitors ms, according to manifest the president of the Bank and mayor of Fair Zafra, Manuel Garcia Pizarro.
Spring Fair ams together 100 exhibitors from different sectors of nature tourism, feeding, toilet, etctera, as well as exhibitors from the region of Zafra-Ro Bodin of which there may n exceed the number, power leveling wow, of 50 from the 15 populations belonging to the association of municipalities. Such displays have the contest won national morfolgico merino Charols selling livestock exhibition, contest morfolgico Arab horse, exposure of Rural Development in Extremadura and shows Zafra-shire Ro Bodin, poultry artistic exhibition and meeting bobbin lace.
Official Auctions
The official auction desarrollarn races the day April 9 at 10.30 pm, mortal gold, in the nave of the fairgrounds with the presence of cattle merino, merino early ile de france, Berrichon du cher, Landschaf, fleischschaf and Charmoise
Among the planned activities, the mayor of Zafra highlights the IV National Meeting of the tip that bringing the day April 9 to about 300 participants from different point of Spain, mainly from Extremadura.
There, eq2 plat, will also be a series of activities in vivo, as folclricas performances, exhibitions of handicrafts, etctera at the scene of the area devoted to the Shire.
Manuel Garcia Pizarro highlights the importance of the Spring Fair and the Salon of Environment and Conservation that allows the city has several attractions for citizens who are interested in the region by counting each edition with a more extensive program.

Friday 25 March 2011, a 04:49
Have searched the land and in water with no result

crew from the Red Cross and Norwegian rescue dogs and divers from Fredrikstad Fire Department has been seeking kvinnen.Foto: Kjell Olav Nordberg / NRK

helicopter Wednesday evening continues search for a 61-year-old missing woman Jelyi Moss.Jrgen Gangste

Everything about the ice rink-noise

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- Do not risk-free drilling

Journalists were mistreated in Libya

Proposed storage of IP addresses

ElBaradei will be president, power leveling wow, in Egypt

Apenes very disappointed with the Conservatives

Untouched from stfold

Play Superia

Monday 21 March 2011, a 03:28
Arrested for stealing 20 euros for a taxi driver with a knife

Santander the local police this morning arrested a inidividuo, which 
responds to the initial DMD, on suspicion of robbery with threats 
intimidacin after a taxi driver to steal a ticket for 20 euros.
The incident took place in Jos Mara Cosso Street, Santander, about 6.45 pm on Sunday, when police identified and arrested the suspect after a call from the driver.
The detainee, who is satisfied, wow power leveling, Personacin Detenciny an order issued by the Criminal Court No. One of Santander, showed a knife to steal the money to the taxi driver then left the scene. The agents, locarlizaron the suspect inside a bus city, carrying the knife used in the robbery and 20 euro.
Dwell after he began to D.M.D. at the disposal of the judicial authorities to instruct the relevant proceedings.

Friday 11 March 2011, a 04:13
A visit to the Hannover Bayern wounded in key match of the day German

A Bayern seriously injured in the elimination of the German Cup at the hands of Schalke visit to Hanover 96 on Saturday in a key match of the day also German may end up being decisive for the future of coach Louis van Gaal.
Bayern with 16 points behind leader Borussia Dortmund has already been dismissed from the fight, mortal gold, for the league title. The elimination of the Cup has taken away from watching another goal and now has to concentrate on finding the classification in the Champions League.
For now, the Bayern est in a box, the fourth, which only gives the Europa League to play. The post that opens the doors of the tie, the third is occupied by the Hannover just, global agenda powerleveling, two points above the BVAR. And secondly, that the classification given directly, Bayer Leverkusen has four points more than those led by Louis Van Gaal.
The second is for the goal BVAR minimum of the season and the recent past has shown that the coach that is in danger of not achieving it has to go.
As happened with Jrgen Klinsmann in 2009 and as also, buying wow gold, occurred in 2007 with Felix Magath who soon served the credit of winning the double two seasons.
Van Gaal faces the difficult current situation with the credit of last season, doubled and final Champions League, but those successes and look forgotten and what is currently dominated his criticism work and an undeniable rift between the coach and management.
Above all, the dnsive work is seen as Bayern problemtico, to what many people believe that Van Gaal has done little with the constant changes in the line of four.
For all that, Bayern has to win tomorrow, especially taking into account that plays a direct rival to the classification for the Champions League.
Bayern addition must show a compelling football AFTER that in two straight games against Dortmund in the Bundesliga and against Schalke in the Cup, rivals have managed to completely handcuff their offensive efforts.
The open day tomorrow the leader of Dortmund, who host Cologne. In Dortmund at the end, after the victory over Bayern last Saturday, the dome has begun to talk about the title as the goal and there is little to doubt that this goal will be achieved.
Schalke, with Ral Gonzlez and Jos Manuel Jurado, visit Stuttgart on Saturday, struggling against relegation while Bayer Leverkusen Wolfsburg receives.
The following is the full program of the day:
Borussia Dortmund FC Cologne
FC Kaiserslautern Eintracht Frankfurt, VfB Stuttgart, FC Schalke, Hannover 96-Bayern, Bor. Mnchengladbach-1899 Hoffenheim, Nremberg-St.Pauli and Bayer Leverkusen, VfL Wolfsburg.

Monday 28 February 2011, a 08:15
Demonstrator to VG Nett:

AP talks with Libyans on Wednesday morning. From Benghazi started the revolt against the dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi. Then it spread like wildfire through the vast desert country.

VGTV: angry protesters spoiling Gaddafi symbols

Wednesday evening was the dictator himself on, eq2 gold, the podium and threatened bloodshed if not the protesters to give up.

But in Benghazi have kids now taken control of the city and now coordinating with the army. They have no intention to quit.

It also confirms the news channel al-Jazeera, reporting that the whole eastern part of the country now under the control demonstrator.

Read also: - A thousand deaths in Libya

Full Control

WON: A man in, power leveling wow, Tbyen Toubruk wielding a machine gun. Here democracy supporters won power. Photo: AP

Mohammed explains that the army and demonstrators in collaboration has taken full control of Benghazi. Harbour Town is Libya's second largest, is 650 kilometers from the capital Tripoli, where Gaddafi still clinging to power.

- It's quiet here, but the situation is tense. The people have taken over,, sto energy credits , together with the army.

- Is your daily life back to normal

- No, we make sure there is food, electricity and health care. Otherwise, all offices and businesses closed.

Gaddafi: Africa's most tenacious dictator


In an hour and twenty minutes long speech on Tuesday night called Gaddafi opposition "cockroaches" and "rats".

He also came with clear threats to the opposition and, final fantasy 14, the areas where the rebels have taken control.

"I am a Bedouin warrior. If we must use force, we make it. I still have not ordered the use of force, nor ordered the use of a single bullet. When I do, everything will be in flames, "said Gaddafi.

Gaddafi: - Take over the streets, let us cleanse eastern Libya


Freed: Protesters in the capital city of Benghazi took over after heavy fighting. Photo: AP

In Benghazi fear the population is now the dictator's wrath.

- We await us anything from this man. We expect that he will bomb us or attack us with warships.
He says that thousands of young people yesterday gathered at a military barracks in the town taken over by supporters of democracy. Reports that soldiers have joined the rebellion against the dictatorship is confirmed by, among other things, told Reuters.

Italy's foreign minister, Franco Ferrini, also confirms that part of Libya is in rebel hands.

- They are ready to go to Tripoli and die as martyrs, "said Mohammed.

- What about yourself, you think to go

- Yes, of course.

LAWS carnage: - I will lead the revolution and turned to the last drop of blood, "said Gaddafi in a live speech on Tuesday night. Photo: AP

- Are not you scared

- Save, what should I be afraid This is our duty, "said Mohammed.

In the capital Tripoli, the situation is still pretty quiet, "says an eyewitness to the AP.

- We are waiting for the protesters to come from other cities, "said a resident in Tripoli to VG Nett.

He says that the stores start to run out of food and the locals now fear that the water supply will soon end.


According to eyewitnesses in Benghazi as a news agency Reuters has talked to the demonstrators reacted with fury during the dictator's speech.

- They shouted "No to Gaddafi." They were very excited, "said a resident in the city.

Follow the story: All about the uprising in Libya here!

Taking over

Burned: the National Meeting of Tripoli were completely burned during the riots in Libya. Photo: AP

Elsewhere than in Benghazi demonstrators have now taken over control. Tuesday night celebrated people in the streets of the city Tobruk while they burned books written by Gaddafi.

Soldiers who have deserted, claiming that the regime has lost control over the eastern region, type NTB.

- Gaddafi bombers and use excessive force against unarmed people. I am sure he will be ousted in the coming days, "General Mahmoud Soliman al-Obeidy to a reporter from Reuters news agency that has managed to go into Libya.

The general said he decided to switch sides when he heard that the authorities had given orders to shoot at civilians in the town of Benghazi.

TAKEN OVER: in Benghazi and other parts of eastern Libya, democracy supporters now taken over control. Photo: All photos: AP

Friday 25 February 2011, a 03:47
Aridane might be needed in the goal Zafra

Jos Diego Confectioner, technician of Extremadura, recognition at the end of the ninety minutes that Bean was a game quite stuck. This is what we want, explained, the team worked well and I'm proud of it. Perhaps the goal has been a lack of Aridane Zafra has conditioned on the outcome of the meeting. I acknowledge, darkfall powerleveling, that the University of Las Palmas has won us the game areo by the height of front confess Confectioner, aadiendo the other while they have managed to est or canceled because he was in outside game. I am pleased with the effort, but not what happened in the end, we relied on an arbitration error. We must be realistic, the roof of the team is saving, aion kinah cheap, categoray is what we should aspire.
Almeida, of the University
Jos Juan Almeida, head coach of the University of Las Palmas, said there were three important points against a tough opponent. Has finally been 1-0, but what counts is the end of the victory.
The disallowed goal is Validate from my position, there is no offside. As for the much which has won the victory, of course, global agenda credits, I will not get to rag on what he says a colleague. If he has seen it as, I respect your opinion. I'm happy, especially because the group has worked well, three points, we ah in the struggle of ascent, and we must address the following commitment to be equally difficult, termin.

Monday 21 February 2011, a 03:02
Accused pleads guilty and refuses to be questioned

The main accused of the murder of Juan Antonio Torrecilla and Mercedes Garcia in the neighborhood of Montesol cacereo, committed on October 21, 2008, ngela Aparecida, has pleaded today's innocent and has refused to respond to questioning of the prosecution and the accusation Particular.Tras about three hours to finalize the choice of the jury, Judge Tena Flix Mara has begun to view, mortal gold, PUBLIC jury trial, in which the prosecution, represented by Juan Francisco Merino, attributed only to appear, while the particular accusation, Santiago Hurtado, also accused Manuel Rafael Garcay Romero.Aparecida worked as a domestic worker died of marriage, while Romero Garcay chfer play the function of Turret in different perodos.Tena has agreed to include documentary evidence submitted by the counsel of the accused , Jose Duarte, who, mortal gold, according incapacitaraa Aparecida ste said to carry out the double murder, with the criterion against Merino and Hurtado, as well as dnse attorneys time Garcay Romero.Una Alerted to allegations that are imposed on it by the president of the court, the dndant, rose and said that only take questions from his counsel and the jurors as they deem oportuno.Posteriormente , and following the, cheap aion kinah, procedure of jury trial cases, each party has proceeded to read out the allegations previas.En this sense, Duarte has taken the situation to criticize the predisposition that in his opinion, both the president of the court as the prosecution, have against her client.

Friday 18 February 2011, a 03:18
2.2% of Spanish in his will bequeathed severally

Legacy NGO Solidarity today presented the results of a study conducted last year on the Spanish will make a will and readiness to bequeath part of his estate to non-profit organizations. With a sample of 804 people, the report reveals that 27.7% of the population has made a will and that this percentage, 2.2% has left part of its assets to these organizations. "I made my will at age, eve online isk, 41. I'm married, I have a son and wanted to leave everything well tied. I took off a load off," said Miriam Delgado, 50.

Friday 21 January 2011, a 04:20
Renault spasm cases Tenan accounts in Switzerland fed from China

Two of the three directors of the constructor Renault industrial espionage suspects Tenan paths bank accounts in Liechtenstein and Switzerland, with 130,000 euros and 500,000 euros respectively, entered by a Chinese company based in Peking, according to reports in its web page the newspaper Le Figaro.
Power Grid Corporation of China, "perhaps a giant electrical distribution" is the company, everquest 2 plat, behind this est espionage network that Renault's senior investigating privately since last August, the initial intention to settle the case with all discretion, said the newspaper.
Asked about the topics about, the spokespersons of the manufacturer chose not to comment, he added.
The money arrived in the bank accounts mentioned having gone through several intermediaries is Shanghai and Malta, the newspaper explained.
Seal,, world of warcraft cheap power leveling, also, which according to its sources, and contrary to the assertions of the number two of Renault, Patrick Plata, this weekend in the evening "Le Monde", there is a n "a clear vision of all the information that could have been transferred by the alleged spasm."
In "Le Monde", the CEO of Renault cit the, cheapest wow power leveling, existence of an "international organized subsidiary, but said he was quiet because no bean lost" any TECHNOLOGICAL nugget. "
Although silver did not rr to China track, Le Figaro points out this is confirmed by "a note by the Central Directorate of Interior Information dated January 7."
"At the moment it is only a set of converging suspicions francs counterintelligence" must consider as he officially responsible, wow gold cheap, judicial investigation, aadi.
The economically subdireccin of guarding the DCRI est on alert, but so far only made "a certain number of checks" waiting for Renault to submit a complaint, you can no longer later, it considered the newspaper.
He added that the specialist services of the police they heard on the news of the case and contacted their colleagues in the General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) saban nor anything about it.
A filtration media made after being followed for months, the three scenarios spasm were informed of this on 3 January to early hours of the morning, when arriving at their offices they were told they hab an been removed from their duties and their equipment are requis computer science.
Also last week, Renault approached the counter French, says Le Figaro.

Friday 14 January 2011, a 07:21
Compromised the first day of 2011

Spanish Footballers' Association (AFE) and the Professional Football League (LFP) have not agreed on whether there will be time in the league Liga BBVA and Adelante on 2 January after the meeting in the headquarters Club bosses in Madrid. The announcement of the lack of agreement was made by the president of the AFE, Luis Rubiales, who after three hours of meeting, the, buy gaia gold, third between the two agencies said that further work on the matter and explain everything in a wheel NH Eurobuilding press this afternoon. AFE and LFP are in conflict over the i. ..

Monday 10 January 2011, a 04:23
Castro: "Either we correct or we sink"

Cuba's President Raul Castro, said yesterday in a critical and severe speech, which is necessary for the country and its leaders to rectify the mistakes because, otherwise, the Revolution and the effort of generations will sink, "O rectify or already running out of time to continue along the cliff, we sink, and sink ... the effort of generations, "said Castro told the National Assembly Cuba.Durante his speech, fallen earth power leveling, more than two hours, Castro made a review of the errors committed in the country, was critical of the misinterpretations of sociali ...

Tuesday 04 January 2011, a 08:25

The anti-smoking fascism has thrown out the people who killed insomnia in bars. You ever been in love. No. I've always been a waiter. And in the streets around the world talking about helmets, rejected by the ladies of the PP Febles and zen centrism. First, Pizarro. Now, Helmets. What they have in common For starters, the brilliance. Being brilliant in one game is so outrageous as, sto energy credits , to be healthy in a hospital. And then, alas, the ugly. Pizarro and ugly Helmets are two types that have no place in the Galeras price that comes riding Mariano Rajoy, the right Fernndez Pepn Spanish. Look, "he complained to Pepn Fernandez Ruano, chapters are inexcusable and hopeless. You know I have to use only about forty minutes, star trek online gold, a day to answer the letters of recommendation for female staff. And so it is as one imagines Mariano, plugging assistants. Mariano will have to hang on the streets of Genoa on descortsy rtulo of the little known trade Gald3s: Not to be confused with the shop next door. The shop is next to Zapatero, of course, who long, cheap kinah, ago hung up that sign. Mariano and Pepn! Ruano Pepna see a great captain in the numbers of whose battles were victories in quantity. Pepn was twenty years and twenty years in Cuba must carry on the opposition Mariano, who in Spain is less negritos Havana, a terrn of sugar in the midst of bitter seas , the birthplace of relaxation,, buy wow gold, which is not the decadent relaxation, but the smooth drop, so typical, says Fox, as the wins Spanish or Portuguese saudade, or il dolce far Neapolitan niente: The mess is left to do, no matter the filosfico for four days that we live, translated into the tropical sweetness. With the relaxation can forgive almost anything is a smile is a human comprehension, a sense benvolo and optimistic life. Helmets, for what

Friday 31 December 2010, a 07:21
Two months after the horror crash

Alexandra (23) dares back behind the wheel.

Viersen - That Alexandra B. (23) this year to celebrate New Year's Eve, is a small miracle. Two months ago, she survived the horror crash on the A61 nahzu unhurt. Now the student was back behind the wheel.
More about
Miracle on the A61 car cut in half, driver has not a scratch
Winter accident twin races own brother to death
A73Auto crash accident, buy gaia gold, on 25 meters in depth
Shock accident with school bus rams tree-children

"I would like to drive car again, but unfortunately there are concerns among my friends to lend me a car. I can not understand it, "says Alexandra, and laughs. From their

Fiesta after the crash had only been flying debris. A new car, the student, aion kinah, can not afford at present.

Alexandra evening in the accident was driving on the A61 when she suddenly had to dodge a tree trunk and hurled to the left lane. From behind a Mercedes crashed (four passengers) in their Fiesta, tore it into two parts.

Incredible: Alexandra suffered only a concussion. The exact cause of the, eve online isk, accident is still determined.

"Meanwhile, the bruises have healed. Only now and I still have headaches, "says Alexandra. "Even though I know I was damned lucky, I hope that next year is going better for me."

More latest news from Dusseldorf and the surrounding area you read here on duesseldorf.bild.de.

Monday 27 December 2010, a 07:07
The SUP says growing crimes in recent years

Cervera manifesting Himself agents against last week. C. PINE
The Unified Trade Union of the Police in Extremadura (SUP) has denied the statements of the police station chief inspector Don Benito - Villanueva, David Cervera, who lights to indicate that the number of crimes decreased in bean recent years in the area. Demonstrations that were supported from the Association of Midsize Enterprise Pequeay the, gaia gold, town.
According to the SUP, with reference to statistics, 2008 was the worst in several years in security at Don Benito-Villanueva, and the year 2009, managed by the lord Cervera, was far worse known criminal offenses (offenses more failures), they say.
Claim that in that year ended with a number of offenses increase of 30.59 percent over 2007 and 4.1 percent over 2008, according to the, buying cheap wow gold, union of police officers.
They claim that the premises robberies in 2009 increased 29.12 percent over 2007 and decreased by 11.3 percent over 2008. Reveal that, in Don Benito and in Villanueva de la Serena, robbery with force housing in 2009 increased by 162 percent over the year 2007 and 23.52 percent over 2008.
The SUP complaint in addition to, cheap wow power leveling, the statistics, rather than used to know how, and where to Cundo criminal violations occur in order to cut corners, often used for cheating on citizens . Aaden a test of this is that in 2008 3,617 were instructed crowded compared to 3,871 in 2009.
For SUP, the chief inspector and report rena employers of Don Benito and Villanueva, as happened last week, is on his salary. But ask also hold meetings with the Association of Employers of Villanueva.
In this sense, since this organization do not understand the support of the Association of Medium Enterprises Pequeay Don Benito to the police station chief inspector of Police Don Benito-Villanueva, David Cervera, against that more than a hundred policemen from different unions said last week.
The Unified Trade Union of Police believes it is worrying that Don Benito APYME considers that since the taking of possession of Cervera may have been undermined criminal activity, especially robbery and theft in businesses. For SUP, this position is only understandable, in our view, if there are vested interests who try to expose, have stated from the union.

Friday 24 December 2010, a 07:57
With standard surgery for cataracts My eye doctor made me blind


pensioners wanted to have cataract surgery on her left eye. But the surgery went wrong. So also in other patients

Bautzen - Waldemar Riesner (79) from Cunewalde has his eye specialist familiar, was operating a gray star - a standard procedure!

The sight written diagnosis of the Leipzig experts. In the operating room in the pensioner Lbau lost his eyesight
More, tibia gold, about
pensioners are therefore wirheute the doctor
First GP says old go to the doctor out of boredom
He deceived Patienten5 110 years Knastfr fake doctor

But today he is blind in the eye. And police and prosecutors investigate his doctor.

And the pensioner is not an isolated case! According to a report in the newspaper Saxon "there should be at least two other patients who share, wow powerlevel, his fate. Riesner even claims: "Overall, there are eight cases,"

His Passion: ". Bautzner My eye doctor diagnosed a cataract." He gets a surgery appointment for September

On the day of surgery he got in his eye doctor Bautzner drops in the eye. "Well as an anesthetic." Then it went to Lbau in a group practice, here the surgical operation was performed under general, world of warcraft gold, anesthesia.

A few hours later the first signs that something probably went wrong. "I felt sick, I was freezing." Because his eyes are connected, Riesner remembers nothing of his blindness.

Two days later he was on the orders of his doctor spanked surgery again. "With me were at least eight patients of 8 Since September. All with the same symptoms as me! "

Days later, calling the doctor again. "I had in the Leipzig University Hospital." There, the association removed, examined the eye. He gets the terrible diagnosis: ". The reason is contamination by germs have been" The eye is blind

A spokesman for the prosecutor yesterday confirmed the investigation. IMAGE stay tuned!

More latest news from London and surrounding area can be read here on dresden.bild.de.

Monday 20 December 2010, a 08:27
The PRC claim damages for 244,000 euros in the pruning of a magnolia in Colindres

The PRC has submitted a report Colindres technician who value 244,000 euros in damages suffered by a magnolia grandiflora, 'crippled' by a builder who has pruned without permits. This report therefore increases considerably the estimate of damages of the report commissioned by the City, which stood at 15,000.
Pruning this tree unique, municipally owned, held last March when, according to the PRC, the perpetrator mutil, cheap aion kinah, Magnolia grandiflora in full light of day, for several hours, and without having permits and licenses necessary for such action.
In addition, the regionalist aaden that during the hours that the split lasted no authority to halt such action Colindres. In this sense, the regionalist reported that the tree was given in the eighty years Canosa family, who asked, world of worldcraft gold, travs cession document the care and maintenance of the tree by the City.
In view of the deterioration in the tree, the regionalist presented to the plenary of September a mocino in seeking the realization of a report by a competent technician on the causes that motivated Haban shrub pruning. This report should also be reflected if, cheap wow gold, this acting bean bean was the cause that led to the sorry state now has the tree.
Following the presentation of the report by the City of Colindres, regionalists gravsimos detected errors among the indicators used to make calculations of the value of the tree, so they commissioned the realization of a second valoracin.
The report now by the regionalist finds that in the earlier, cheapest wow power leveling, document was not properly applied the standard Granada, resulting in substantial differences in the final valoracin the tree, say the technicians.
Save the tree
In addition, the regionalist Colindres at City Hall also reported that the Consistory has taken no action to try to regenerate the tree, which they believe would have been possible. They also questioned whether the interests of the residents of Colindres are in good hands or, conversely, the negligence and the subsequent report underestimates the tree, representing the interests of the builder who mutil magnolia.
Demand from the PRC to do everything possible to try to save the tree, regardless of administrative, civil and criminal penalties that can be carried out against those responsible for pruning.
The PRC has placed in the hands of the municipal Corporacion this second report to be discussed and contrasted by the government team. Request that this analysis is taken into account as they wish to represent the interests of the residents of Colindres, while seeking to initiate the necessary actions to restore the mass of the magnolia flower.

Friday 17 December 2010, a 06:04
Sponheim County will have state-air fees

We cry a violently loud warning. Bergen has experienced a dramatic increase of polluted days, and weather forecasts show that we can get a new prolonged cold period. When the life or health is at stake, we have an obligation to do something, "said county of Hordaland Lars Sponheim to Bergens Tidende.

Together with the chief county Helga Arianson he has written letters to the health minister, transport minister, gaia online gold, and environment minister. There, they ask that it be set to speed up the legislative work that will provide opportunities to limit traffic on days with unhealthy pollution.

What do you think about stats air fee Join the debate at the bottom of the article!

The only measure the local authorities have the right to import so far, the opportunity to introduce pairs, buy wow golds, and odd driving, which means that half the cars are driving ban every other day. It believes Sponheim is a bad plan.

- It is a rejection based entirely on the lottery principle. Moreover, it involves a lot of bureaucracy, including the need to have an apparatus in place to provide exemptions, "said Sponheim.

About his alternative proposal to have the opportunity to raise taxes, ffxiv gil, temporarily, at short notice, "said the former Liberal leader:

- When we use the price mechanism and system that is already there. It's simple, non-bureaucratic and could be introduced at short notice. Those who must drive, will afford it. Others will find other solutions.

He emphasizes that there is no congestion charge, he suggests, but a akuttiltak on days when the air is dangerously polluted.

Monday 13 December 2010, a 06:57
Sweden accused of terrorist explosions

The Swedish Policy Program announced today that the explosions on Saturday in central Stockholm and who died in a suspected suicide bomber is a "terrorist." Swedish intelligence services (SPO), who have taken the investigation of the case, would not confirm whether an email received minutes before the blasts and was called a "strike" to Sweden for their participation in Afganistn est related, although is one of the hypotheses they handle.
The, cheap eve isk, Swedish authorities have decided for now not to increase the level of terrorist threat in the country, although they increase the presence of agents at various points cntricos of the capital, including major shopping centers, has informed the Police in a press conference in Stockholm. "What has happened is very serious," he has said Anders Thornberg, the, cheap wow gold, SPO, which has refused to give details about the deceased or the suspect is from l to avoid prejudicing the police investigation.
A car with several canisters of gasoline into the explosion shortly before 17.00 local time (16.00 GMT) yesterday in central Stockholm, at the intersection of the street Drottning and Olof Palme. Two people were slightly injured in the incident. The second explosion was, wow cheap powerleveling, recorded ten minutes later a few meters, between the streets and Bryggar Drottning, and she died as a result of a man who allegedly blew himself up, according to the main hypotheses that manages the police.
Drottning Street is the main pedestrian area of Stockholm, and a few hundred yards from where the explosion occurred is the Concert Hall, the scene the day before the ceremony for the Nobel Prizes. In the electronic mail received by the SPO and the Swedish news agency TT, an individual claiming to be Muslim is addressed to the Swedish people and warns that their "children, daughters and sisters morirn like our brothers, sisters and children die ".
Related to the Muhammad cartoons
The paper criticized the Swedish military participation Afganistn and "silence" of the population against the Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, famous for portraying Mohammed as a dog in 2007 and today has reinforced the police with whom PROTECTION account received death threats in recent years. Our actions hablarn for themselves, while acabis not your war against Islam and humiliation against the prophet and your stupid support for the "pig" Vilks "seal the individual. The message ends with a call to Muslims in Europe to end the "humiliations" and recalls that "it is time to hit, even with a knife, and not fear jail.
The individual, who claims to be member of any terrorist group, claims to have been in the Middle East for holy war and asks forgiveness from his family for having lied. The man who allegedly yelled something in Arab before blowing himself up, he carried a backpack full of screws and six "pipe bombs", but only one explosion, according to the tabloid 'Aftonbladet', citing research sources.
The Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, has described the incident today in his blog "attempted terrorist attack very disturbing" that have had success, "it could have been a slaughter." A spokesman for the Swedish government has sealed it is a police matter and that the Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt's conservative, does not intend to comment at this time. The magnet of Stockholm's main mosque, Sheikh Hassan Moussa, has said in a statement condemned the incident and has distanced himself from "any form of attack, violence, terror and threats against innocent people regardless of motive or pretext." Security and stability in Sweden is a "social and religious Debt securities" has sealed.

Friday 10 December 2010, a 08:05
Sao Paulo Stock Exchange

Sao Paulo Stock Exchange opens upward for Brazilian GDP growth. Sao Paulo, Dec. 9 (EFE) .- La Bolsa de Valores de Sao Paulo, boosted by the announcement of the growth of the economy brasileay by the decision of the issuer to maintain rates unchanged, start preg n today with an upward trend and, after five minutes, the Ibovespa index up by 0.27% to 68,359 points. The park of Sao Paulo began the business with optimism, STO gold, after the government announced that, despite a deceleration in the third quarter, Brasilea economy achieved a growth of 8.4% in the nine first months of the year, following the decision last night by the Central Bank not to raise interest rates despite s basic rebound inflacin in November. The Ibovespa, the main indicator burstil Brazilian market, operating at five minute auction 185, fallen earth chips, points above 68,174 integers which closed Wednesdays, when just 1.68% baj fearing that the Central Bank to raise rates to curb rising inflacin. In the foreign exchange market, the real opened with a apreciacin of 0.17% compared to dollars, which was sold to 1.690 reais. Actions ms rise today after fifteen minutes of auctions were BicBanco preferential bank, which earned 2.54%, followed by the unit of the educational network Kroton (2.51%) and the preferential the metalrgica Metal Leve (2.02%).

Friday 03 December 2010, a 04:43
UU.AA. accuses the regional government of "triumphalism" with a contest farm "made back to the rural"

Agricultural Unions The union accuses the regional government of "triumphalism" over the figures of employment and expected earnings after the resolution of the contest farm, which, according to reports, this "fact back to the countryside and its people."

"The cancellation of the previous contest irregular Aeolic condemn Galicia to a loss of competitiveness with other communities," Censorship in a statement.

In this sense,, cheap eve isk, rural development secretary of the plant, James Feijoo, says the new competition "late and wrong." "While other communities have developed their wind farms, the Xunta paralyzed for two years, the energetic development of Galicia and paralyzed the business partner proposals were to be developed in rural areas," he said.

UU.AA. concludes that "Galicia lost the train and this, in times of, buying eve isk, crisis, can be costly." At the same time, he stresses that the resolution released this Friday, "misses the opportunity to create a great project to combine the interests of producers of energy with rural interests."

"Pending a more thorough analysis in the coming days with Noso Vento, business projects related to concessions, the union points out that the" irregular "cancellation of the previous contest" was prevented from taking off dairy cooperatives ".

Tuesday 30 November 2010, a 07:40
Einstein Foundation launches first large project

Berlin (dpa / bb) - Berlin-based Einstein Foundation has brought about a year after the founding of their first big project on track. Eleven international top scientists, with assistance from the Foundation to conduct research and teach in the capital. The reported formation Senator Juergen Zoellner (SPD) in Berlin on Thursday. The so-called from the U.S., UK and France are produced annually, STO gold, with 150 000 euros. , Zoellner said. This will benefit local universities. The promotion runs for two years.

Friday 26 November 2010, a 04:28
Studienanfaengern ever in the Southwest

Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) - At the universities in the South West have never been as many students enrolled as 2010. The sheer number of new students increased this year by around three percent to 67 040 Studienanfaenger. This was announced by Science Minister Peter Frankenberg (CDU) on Wednesday in Stuttgart. In total there are currently around 294 000 young people registered at the, gaia gold, universities, technical and management colleges in Baden-Wuerttemberg - 7 percent more than last winter semester. Said Frankenberg.

Monday 25 October 2010, a 05:08
Costa believes that the budget of the Generalitat is "austere" but "meets the needs of the people of Valencia"

The coordinator of Economy of the EPP group in the Cortes, Ricardo Costa, said on Friday that the budget of the Generalitat is "austere, adapted to the times of crisis like these, but meets the needs of the people of Valencia."

The coordinator of Economy said in a statement, praised in this way the Consell budget for 2011 and indicated that "once again, the government of President, gaia gold, Francisco Camps bet heavily on what the Socialist government of Rodriguez Zapatero does the and the Valencian Region. "

"While the state budget cuts for 2011 in the Region by 28 percent compared to 2010, namely 600 million, the Valencian Government invests more in respect of this exercise in health, education and social policies as they are the, ffxiv gil, constant and repeated Zapatero punishment, has ruled Costa.

In addition, said the Socialist government "is justifying a drop in state public investment of 37 percent as an appropriate policy and function of the economic situation."

In contrast, the Comunitat "the reduction is 11.9 percent and the Socialists come to criticize," he stated rrring to statements made by the Socialist deputy to Cristina Moreno has pointed out that "Here the investment is guaranteed by Plan Trust. "

"The Valencian Socialists criticize us because we increase the financial costs by 16 percent, while the state has done so by 18 percent and other autonomous communities governed by the PSOE have done, ffxiv gil, more," said Costa, who has added "It is a double standard of PSPV: criticize it from here even better to try to boast the erratic socialist economic policy."

Ricardo Costa also has argued that the PSPV "shows have no credibility when he criticizes the sale of assets if autonomous communities such as Andalucia socialist heritage sells over 900 million euros without an administrative center staff prepared to move," he criticized.

"Commitment to the five million Valencian"

Responsible for the budgets of the popular group has ensured that this budget of 13.714 million euros that the Government has submitted for next year "demonstrates the commitment of the Government of Valencia with Valencia five million who live in this Region."

Costa has compared the State Budget with the Government and said that while the first raise taxes, cut social policies and reduce by more than 30 percent of productive investment, second: no taxes go up, bet social policies and maintain productive investment. "

Also recalled that "the Government of Francisco Camps has always acted quickly and effectively address the crisis situation being experienced by Spain and the Region, the result of improvisation and economic mismanagement of Rodriguez Zapatero's socialist government."

"And these quotes are a good example of this because they experience an increase in their social policies is what most people appreciate and families are becoming more people who can not make ends meet," he stated.

Finally, the coordinator of Economy of the popular grouphas urged the Socialists to make an example of austerity budget for this, he said, "is not opposed to helping families and tightened the belt, adapting to reality as the Valencian Government has made the new low budget by 4.7 percent compared to 2010. "

Friday 22 October 2010, a 03:49
Apple introduces its new generation of lighter MacBook Air Laptop

The technology giant Apple introduced this Wednesday a new generation of portable MacBook Air and Lion operating system with which it intends to export its popular features of IPAD's business personal computers.

The newest MacBook Air notebooks, available from this Wednesday at Apple stores, go to market with a minimum price of 999 dollars (720 euros) in two models of 11 and 13 inches and are lighter, eve isk, created so far by the Californian company, with a weight of 1.06 kilograms. In an event called Back to the Mac and held at Apple headquarters in Cupertino in northern California, the company's CEO, Steve Jobs, hinted that its flagship product this year, the iPad, setting the trend the future of laptops.

"Everything we learned with the iPad" The first step was the launch of the new MacBook Air to use the same flash storage system that Apple tablet with a 7-hour autonomy Internet surfing, and up to 30 days at rest. "We started with everything we've learned with the iPad to create the new MacBook Air. Thanks, ffxiv gil, to its incredible responsiveness and mobility change our concept of the notebook," Jobs remarked. These computers also incorporated a "trackpad" multi-touch like the one found in MacBook Pro models and in harmony with existing systems in the IPAD and the iPhone, after discarding a portable touch screen for which they thought was "ergonomic" .

LionLos The new devices work, ffxiv gil, with Mac OS X Snow Leopard that Apple already has successor, the eighth version of its operating system, Mac OS X Lion, entering the market from June. Lion will continue the rapprochement between Mac and iPad to install as standard on Apple computers in a virtual store for downloading applications, Mac App Store, which can be viewed in full screen execution, as well as other navigation systems that resemble tablet. "Lion Mac leads to many of the best ideas of the iPad," stated Jobs, who announced that Mac App Store may be used to start download Snow Leopard in three months.

Friday 08 October 2010, a 07:32
13 percent of secondary autonomous unemployed workers, according to ATA

The National Federation of Independent Workers Association, ATA has indicated that at 13.00, 87 percent of the autonomous pro of the community looked to their jobs so that only 13 percent have supported the general strike.

ATA explained that according to elapsed time is the opening number of autonomous business and carries on business "increases", mainly because "the dissolution of the pickets."

The impact of the strike, Star Trek Gold, among the self is being centered almost exclusively in the center of the big cities and neighborhoods in the periphery and in over 2,400 municipalities in Castilla y Leon monitoring is "practically zero", and the day work is developing smoothly, according to a statement from ATA picked up by Europa Press.

Trade, hospitality, professional services and taxis, mortal gold, are the sectors that are doing less monitoring of the general strike call. By contrast, sectors in which you are registering a higher incidence are construction, transport, newsagents and earthworks.

The percentage of autonomous who has worked on this journey is different for each province and so on Avila was 90 percent, in Burgos, 87 percent, in Leon, 80 percent, in Palencia, 81 percent; in Salamanca, Segovia, Soria and Zamora, 90 percent and 85 percent Valladolid.

Thursday 30 September 2010, a 04:46
Bienal de Flamenco shows Tuesday's show 'F2' and 'Something'.

Bienal de Flamenco shows Tuesday's show 'F2' and 'Something'.

On Tuesday, within the programming of the XVI Bienal de Flamenco, the Archangel singer and guitarist Jose Antonio Rodriguez presented in the Teatro de la Maestranza, starting at 20.30, his show 'F2', which count as artist invited to dance with Antonio Canales.

This project aims to unite these two artists naturally their styles and flamenco to create a high level, currently in concept, sto power leveling, and in the background. Furthermore, his penchant for new technologies and how they feel flamenco balanced representation leads to the guitar and singing.

For its part, starting at 23.00 hours Central Theatre will welcome 'Something', a flamenco show in three parts with no intermission with the dancer Concha Jaren is sincere to the public and, fallen earth power leveling, to itself. The dance serves to have personal experiences that have deeply and have served to be the artist he is today.

This time the guest artist will be the guitarist Juan Antonio Suarez 'Canito', who has accompanied with his guitar greats as Sara Baras flamenco, Tolea, Angelita Vargas, Joaquin Grilo, Beatriz Martin, Belen Maya, Andres Marin, Merche Esmeralda , Chocolate, Miguel Poveda, Javier Baron Nina Pastori and Manuela Carrasco.

Monday 27 September 2010, a 04:30
A total of 577 families have received aid for the Fish Nursery.

A total of 577 families have received aid in the last ten years to enroll their children in kindergarten Marques de Valterra, del Barrio Pesquero de Santander, which has resulted in 3,450 months scholarship.

The City Council has today released the data after visiting the mayor, Inigo de la Serna, the nursery next to the councilor of Family, Isabel Gomez-Barreda, according to, eve online isk for sale, the Consistory in the press release.

De la Serna has highlighted the work undertaken by the Child Education Center in reconciling work and family life and recalled that the City has an agreement so that families have the services in a "semigratuita."

Of the 577 families receiving aid for the center, 350 have received assistance through the agreement that the City, fallen earth chips, has with the child care and has provided 227 scholarships given by the Consistory for this type of education.

In total, says the Consistory, 120,000 euros has been allocated to grants, a total of 385,000 euros invested in the center.

The nursery was established by the Bishop of Santander through Caritas in 1963 to help families of Barrio Pesquero with fewer economic resources.

Cuba's President Raul Castro, said yesterday in a critical and severe speech, which is necessary for the country and its leaders to rectify the mistakes because, otherwise, the Revolution and the effort of generations will sink, "O rectify or already running out of time to continue along the cliff, we sink, and sink ... the effort of generations, "said Castro told the National Assembly Cuba.Durante his speech, fallen earth power leveling, more than two hours, <a href="http://www.deansale.com/">World of Warcraft gold</a> Castro made a review of the errors committed in the country, was critical of the misinterpretations of sociali ...

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